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There are many challenges facing spouses in the current world. These challenges may be costly and hurting if one is not properly advised. It is, therefore, prudent for one to seek services of professional family mediators for the sake of the individual and anyone else who might be affected during these trying times. Capitol Family Mediation is a London-based company that offers the following family mediation services.

Divorce Management

If either of you have decided to divorce or dissolve a civil partnership, Capitol Family Mediation can help you make smooth future arrangements relating to your children, finance or property. Family mediation is quite a faster and more cost-friendly way to settle family disputes than heading straight to courts. It minimizes conflict, and hence your family remains in control of your children, property and money, instead of being directed by court orders. These professionals have accredited mediators who are trained in all issues relating to family law and can as well offer any legal information that you may require. When you go the mediation way, you will be making arrangements that will suit your unique circumstances.

Here, you decide;
• How to share your property or finances
• The best for your children
• How you can operate as divorced parents

Separation Management

You may have gotten married in a civil partnership, or you have cohabitated with your partner for the legal minimum period and you are now separating. Capitol Family Mediation can assist you in making arrangements for joint property, children and finance. Capitol Family Mediation accredited mediators are seasoned in all issues relating to family law including the particular laws involving partners that have lived together for long, but are not officially married. Some spouses never even divorce officially, but stay apart happily. All a couple needs to be legally separated is just living apart. Officially, you can also be separated, but continue living under the same roof. That only requires you to arrange your household such that you do not sleep or eat together, and you no longer do domestic chores like ironing or washing for each other. If you successfully separate for two years or more, this can be the basis of any future divorce.

Parents Separation Management

Marital separation and the effects on children can be very challenging. Children, just like parents, experience the stress and confusion. Many children feel angry, sad or frustrated about the situation of their parents breaking up and are uncertain about what their lives will be without them cohabitating.

The mediators will help your children have a positive transition to their new family setting. If given the right support, the children will be able to handle their feelings, grieve, loss, and emerge from this trying time stronger and more resilient. Since children love their parents, this firm will help parents stay in touch with them because it increases their ability to communicate with one another.

That does not mean that parents have to get on well with each other after their separation. It also does not say that they got to have a different mode of co-parenting as estranged parents. Parents who chose mediation instead of the court when they separate had considerably long-term connections with their children.

Contact the Capitol Family Mediation for consultation about how to;
• communicate effectively with your child
• cater for their needs
• take care of yours lone self
• maintain a smooth relationship with your estranged spouse


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